Leptospira species (PCR)

Preferred Sample

Urine (1 mL for small animals; 30-50 mL for bovine submissions), EDTA whole blood (1 ml minimum), kidney, liver. Testing of urine and EDTA whole blood is recommended.




Days Tested


Turnaround Time

1-3 business days from test day


This assay targets the DNA of a portion of the lipL32 gene from Leptospira bacterial species. Pathogenic species detectable include various serovars of L. alexanderi, L. borgpeterseni, L. interrogans, L. kirschneri, L. noguchii, L. santarosai, and L. weilii.

*$45 for the first sample, $20 for an additional sample on the same animal.


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Shipping Requirements

To ensure inclusion in the test run, samples should arrive the day prior to test day.

Samples must be submitted to the lab ASAP. Shipped cold (not frozen) and within 24 hours of collection and prior to antibiotic treatment to minimize the chance of false negative results. Studies suggest Leptospira degrade relatively rapidly in acidic urine; therefore, urine samples submitted more than 5 days after collection will not be tested as there is a high probability of false negative results.

Additional Instructions

Depending on the infection phase and nature of the disease, Leptospira may be detected in the blood and not urine or vice versa. A negative urine does not definitively prove the animal is negative for Leptospira as it can be intermittently shed in urine.