Urinalysis, sediment examination

Preferred Sample

Fresh (< 3 days from date of collection) whole urine (10 ml minimum for sediment analysis)*




Days Tested


Turnaround Time

Same day if received by 1:00 p.m.


Urinalysis includes a chemistry multistick test, specific gravity via refractometer, and microscopic examination of urine sediment for samples less than 24 hours old. Positive protein and bile multistick results are confirmed by additional methods.


Bovine | Canine | Feline | Equine | Ovine | Caprine | Porcine | Wildlife Exotic | Other

Shipping Requirements

Urine should be cooled immediately after collection in the refrigerator and shipped on ice. Degenerative changes will occur if sample submission is delayed; therefore, sediment examination will only be performed on samples < 24 hours old.

Additional Instructions

*Samples >3 days old will be rejected for testing. Sediment examination will only be performed on samples < 24 hours old. Samples 24-72 hours old will only receive refractometer specific gravity and biochemical results. Visit our Resources page to review the “Urinalysis guidelines” document.

Please note on the submission form whether carcinoma is suspected. Cytology is an important diagnostic tool in these instances.