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Tritrichomonas foetus (pooled) (PCR)

Preferred Sample

Preputial Wash (2 ml minimum)


$35 (per pool of up to 5 samples)

Acceptable Samples

Inoculated InPouch TF


Days Tested


Turnaround Time

Next business day


This assay targets the DNA of a portion of the 5.8S rRNA gene and interal transcribed spacer-1 (ITS-1) region of the protozoan parasite Tritrichomonas foetus.



Shipping Requirements

To ensure inclusion in the test run, samples must be received the day prior to test day.

Send on cold pack/ice in sterile leak-proof container. Plastic tubes are preferred. If blood tubes are used, must be red top without serum separator gel or anticoagulant. Please do not send samples in Whirl-Paks as samples tend to leak and may lead to contamination of other samples.

Samples must be received by the laboratory within 5 days of collection date as false negative results are possible. Samples greater than 5 days old will be rejected and must be recollected.

Collection date must be noted on the submission form. Failure to include a collection date may cause a delay in testing and results.


Additional Instructions

An appropriately collected washing should be light pink and cloudy, with visible material and little blood. Clear samples and samples with significant blood or fecal contamination are not appropriate for testing and may be either rejected or have a disclaimer placed on test results. The submitter is responsible for checking destination state requirements concerning pooling of samples for Tritrichomonas testing. Clients will be responsible for all charges if samples have to be retested. Recollection may be necessary.

See submission guide for sample collection and submission guidelines. It is important to select “Individual” or “Pool (up to 5 in pool)” on the submission sheet. If neither are selected the laboratory will automatically test samples as individuals.

Samples will be pooled by the laboratory in sequential order as listed on the Submission Form/Sample Identification Form. Broken or missing samples will not be shifted or replaced with additional samples. However, if a retest is required, you will only be charged for the actual number of retested individuals. Individuals in positive pools will be automatically retested at $15.00/sample (Example: 5 individuals X $15 = $75 per retested pool).