Necropsy/General Investigation

Preferred Sample

Whole animals (no live animals accepted), tissue, and fluid samples


$Fees vary by species; see additional instructions1


Days Tested


Turnaround Time

3-7 days. Please note that complex, legal, or insurance cases may have a longer turnaround time for completion.


The general investigation submission fee covers a routine laboratory study which may include the following tests: histopathology with special stains, bacteriology (2 aerobic cultures and 1 anaerobic), PCR (1 individual or 1 multiplex test), virology (2 FAs, 1 EM), Cryptosporidia, and fecal flotation. Additional fees will apply for antimicrobial susceptibility testing, immunohistochemistry, clinical pathology, toxicology, serology, referral laboratory charges, and additional PCR, virology, bacteriology, and parasitology tests. Additional animals on the same submission (from a common disease outbreak) will be charged at 1/2 the price. For bovine fetus necropsy submission guidelines, please see our Novel Pneumonia Syndrome Fact Sheet.


Bovine | Canine | Feline | Equine | Ovine | Caprine | Porcine | Wildlife Exotic | Other

Shipping Requirements

If submitting tissues for general investigation, send both fixed and fresh tissues. Delays in tissue fixation can significantly affect results. Ratio of tissue to 10% formalin should be approximately 1:10 to avoid under-fixation. In cold weather, add 1 part ethanol to 9 parts 10% buffered formalin to prevent freezing during transit.

Additional Instructions

The general investigation submission fee covers a routine laboratory study for a whole animal or tissue samples submitted from a field necropsy.

1 Description of fees:

Companion Animal (Canine, feline, exotic, other) Necropsy with general investigation = $180
General investigation only = $130
Equine Necropsy with general investigation = $280 (includes disposal fee)
General investigation only = $130
Food animal & wildlife (discounts may apply for multiple animal submissions from same premise) Necropsy with general investigation = $150
General investigation only = $90
Additional fees Private horse cremation2 = $750
Emergency fee (after-hours submissions) = $100

2 Partial ashes returned.

For complete descriptions and breakdowns of fees, click here.

Contact the laboratory for instructions prior to submitting cases involving insurance claims or litigation. Legal cases may be charged a $250.00 base price to cover the cost associated with chain of custody handling.