Lyme Disease- Borrelia burgdorferi (PCR)

Preferred Sample

EDTA whole blood (1 ml minimum), skin biopsy at site of lesion



Acceptable Samples

Tissues (lymph node, synovium), Fluid (cerebrospinal fluid, synovial), Culture in BSK-H



Days Tested


Turnaround Time

1-3 business days from test day


This assay targets the DNA of a portion of the flagellin gene from multiple isolates of the spirochete bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi complex, including foreign genospecies. Samples are only accepted from veterinary species. Humans and non-human primate samples are NOT accepted.


Bovine | Canine | Feline | Equine | Ovine | Caprine | Porcine | Wildlife Exotic | Other

Shipping Requirements

To ensure inclusion in the test run, samples should arrive the day prior to test day.

Additional Instructions

The spleen or kidney should not be tested.