Equine Herpesvirus (Types 1 and 4) (PCR)

Preferred Sample

Nasal swab, EDTA whole blood (1 ml minimum), lung, liver. Testing of nasal swabs and EDTA whole blood is recommended and may be helpful in assessing stage of infection.



Acceptable Samples

Cell culture, brain, spinal cord


Days Tested


Turnaround Time

1-3 business days from test day


This assay targets the DNA of the glycoprotein B gene from Equine herpes virus to detect and distinguish EHV-1 and EHV-4. However, this assay cannot distinguish mutant or neuropathogenic strains of EHV-1.

*$45 for the first sample, $20 for an additional sample on the same animal.


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Shipping Requirements

To ensure inclusion in the test run, samples should arrive the day prior to test day.

Additional Instructions

Submit synthetic nasal swabs in a sterile container with approximately 1 ml sterile saline or in viral transport media to maintain moisture. Swabs in bacteria transport media are not recommended for PCR and may be rejected.