Campylobacter fetus (PCR)

Preferred Sample

Preputial or vaginal wash, culture isolate




Days Tested


Turnaround Time

1-3 business days from test day


This assay differentiates select Campylobacter fetus subspecies from culture submissions by targeting DNA fragments of the nahE gene from C. fetus and a portion of the ISCfe-1 gene from the bacterium C. fetus subsp. venerealis, the agent of bovine genital campylobacteriosis (vibrio).

Note: If submitting a preputial washing for both Tritrichomonas and C. venerealis testing, samples cannot be pooled for either test as there is not enough processed specimen for individual testing if positive.


Bovine | Other

Shipping Requirements

Send on cold pack/ice in sterile leak-proof container within 24 hours. To ensure inclusion in the test run, samples should arrive the day prior to test day.

Additional Instructions

Culture to confirm PCR positive results is recommended. For other Campylobacter species see Campylobacter species (PCR). Plastic tubes are preferred. If blood tubes are used, must be red top without serum separator gel or anticoagulant.