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A $10.00 accession fee will be applied to all cases except EIAs.
Live animals and human samples are not accepted. Only fixed, non-human primate samples will be accepted.

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Preferred Sample


Dermatophyte species (PCR)

Skin, hairs, scabs, scraping from at or around lesion, culture isolate

The sample should be placed in a sterile tube with a secure cap, such as a red-top tube. Please DO NOT send samples collected with a toothbrush for PCR testing. Samples submitted on a toothbrush will be rejected for PCR; a dermatophyte culture will be ordered automatically.



Desmin (IHC)

Formalin fixed tissue (FFT), FFPE




Liver, Hay (Sweet Vernal Grass, Sweet clover). Submit a minimum of 100 grams. It can be challenging to acquire a good/representative sample of moldy hay.