Sample Labeling:

  • Label each sample with animal ID.
  • If multiple samples are submitted label them in numerical and in consecutive order (1, 2, 3, etc.), corresponding with the numbers on the Sample Identification Form.

Packaging the submission:

  • Include a completed submission form in a plastic resealable bag with each submission. For additional shipping instructions, please see our shipping guide.
  • Select Agent submissions (Anthrax, tularemia, plague) require additional steps. For additional information, please see our Select Agent Submission Guide.

The submitter is responsible for adherence to sample shipping regulations.  
Complete terms, conditions and fees.


  • Fresh samples yield the best results. Many samples begin to degrade rapidly after collection; therefore, samples should be received by the laboratory within 24 hours whenever possible.


The NDSU-Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory utilizes UPS to provide an affordable shipping option for our established clients. UPS Shipping Guide.

UPS may charge additional fees to “Schedule a pickup” if you do not already have a scheduled pick up at your location. Any additional pickup fees will be billed to your account.


Please note that fees for UPS Next Day Air and UPS Ground services have increased.