NOTICE: Fee increase July 1

Due to rising cost of materials and reagents, prices on some tests will increase July 1, 2022. For over five years, the NDSU VDL has strived to maintain the lowest prices possible for our clients; pricing has not changed in that time period. However, due to increasing costs on materials, reagents, and equipment, fees on molecular and microbiology assays, pathology services, and some serological tests have had to be raised. The website reflects the most up-to-date prices for all our testing.

In addition, cytology will soon become digitized. The NDSU VDL anatomic pathologists will no longer evaluate and interpret cytology slides, blood smears, or fluid. Instead, slides prepared in clinic will be scanned and evaluated by board-certified clinical pathologists. The fee will be $80 and includes four slides and up to two sites. The digital scanner will be installed within the next few weeks. Keep an eye on our website for more information.