National Veterinary Technician Week: October 13-19

October 13-19 is National Veterinary Technician week. It’s a week to recognize the skilled and hardworking vet techs that work with us each day. Their roles are a little different at the VDL compared to traditional clinic or hospital work, but they still use their knowledge and love of animals to provide top quality diagnostics to animal owners, producers, and veterinarians.

Thanks for all you do! Happy Vet Tech week!

Meet our vet techs (from left to right):

Lori Scott is a licensed veterinary technician and is also licensed as a medical laboratory scientist. She is currently a molecular microbiologist in our molecular diagnostics and biosafety level-3 sections.
Diandra Gallagher works in our receiving and the necropsy, clinical pathology, and parasitology laboratory sections.
Kaisa Fiedler works in the administrative office, receiving, quality assurance, and necropsy sections.
Amanda Ferguson is primarily in the administrative office (if you’ve called our lab, you’ve likely talked to Amanda) but is also backup for our necropsy, clinical pathology, and parasitology laboratory sections.