Coronavirus updates

Dear Laboratory clients,

Due to the increasing risk associated with the ongoing pandemic, the VDL will be closing its lobby to the public and discontinuing local courier service.  Please note the laboratory will remain open and offering full testing services.  Clients that are dropping off samples will be required to place the specimens with associated submission form in the after-hours depository.  During normal business hours carcasses should be placed on the dock in front of door #1. After dropping off a specimen please call the VDL at 701-231-8307 to notify staff of the submission.  More information regarding the location of the after-hours depository and dock #1 can be found at .  We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.  Please contact the VDL should you have any questions or concerns.

For an additional coronavirus resource, please see the USDA FAQ on Animal Coronavirus Testing.


VDL Staff