HPAI in Cattle Testing Guidance

  • Cows must be tested within 7 days prior to movement.
  • If cows have clinical signs, please contact the ND State Board of Animal Health (701-328-2655, doa-bah@nd.gov, www.ndda.nd.gov)
  • Keep samples chilled and get to the NDSU VDL within 72 hours of collection, ideally within 48 hours. (Do not freeze unless at -80C.)
  • Milk samples must be at the NDSU VDL no later than Day 4 of the 7 day window due to testing and resulting regulations.
  • Milk samples must be received at the NDSU VDL by 9am for testing that day (results will be within 3 days).
  • Send samples to the NDSU VDL in Fargo via OVERNIGHT shipping or drop-off samples at the NDSU VDL after hours depository.
  • If fewer than 30 cattle are moving, all cattle must be tested. If more than 30 are moving, then only 30 animals must be tested.
  • Milk samples must be collected by a licensed veterinarian or an approved sample collector.
  • Milk samples must be from individual cows. DO NOT POOL SAMPLES from different cows.
  • All four quarters must be sampled per cow and placed in one tube.
  • Submit 3-10ml per cow in a sterile, sealed container (e.g., 15/50mL conical tube or plastic red top tube). Glass tubes may break and cause delays.
  • If possible, please call the NDSU VDL to let us know how many samples are arriving. This will help us prepare and get results out in a timely manner.
  • Please indicate on the submission form if you want animals tested individually or up to 5 individuals in a pool. Pooling different cows can ONLY be done at the laboratory.
  • A $10 accession fee will be charged by the NDSU VDL; however, USDA will cover the cost of the PCR test, but not the cost of sample collection or shipping.
  • A Federal Premise ID is necessary for testing and must be on the sample submission form.
  • The NDSU VDL will not test any milk to determine if it is fit for human consumption. The purpose of testing is for animal disease diagnosis or import/export regulations.

Additional guidance can be found here: https://www.aphis.usda.gov/labs/nahln/response-guidance