USDA regulations require several changes in the manner which the laboratory handles EIA submissions. The laboratory now must ensure all forms are complete and accurate and the regulations now limit our ability to correct form errors.

Due to these requirements, paper EIA forms have become significantly more laborious for our lab to process and will incur a $10.00 case accession fee. We strongly encourage practitioners to use VSPS or Global Vet Link. No accession fee is charged for electronic submissions.

The laboratory is now required to verify submitters are level II accredited in the state where the sample was collected; therefore, your accreditation number must be on the form.

Submitting veterinarians must accurately and fully complete the official form and uniquely identify the animal, including narrative descriptions. Boxes 2 thru 30 on the current Form 10-11 must be completed. Blank fields are not acceptable and should contain NA or a line through.

We will contact you if VS 10-11 EIA forms are incomplete. If narrative descriptions and other information is missing, the form will be rejected and returned to you for completion. This will incur a $10.00 form correction fee. We cannot release results until the form is properly completed. All samples must be tested within 30 days of the bleeding date so paperwork needs to be returned within that time.

Changes to forms:

Before the laboratory distributes the final results, the submitting veterinarian may request changes to the form including address corrections or spelling mistakes acceptable to the laboratory.

After distribution of the final results, the lab can accept a new, corrected and serialized 10-11 created by the submitting veterinarian ($10.00 form correction fee will be added) if ALL the following are true:

  • It is at the request of the submitting veterinarian.
  • The distributed copies can be collected and returned to the lab (paper or electronic record of serial number must be recorded by the lab as invalid and filed with the original submission).
  • It can be accomplished and completed within 30 days of sample date.
  • It is NOT for change in ownership.
  • The changes do not substantially affect identification of the animal.

Approved Examples:

  • Transposition of digits in a field
  • Errors in recording microchip digits (NOT a new #)
  • Misspelling of name, use of barn name vs registered name
  • Age error

For all other changes, a new sample and paperwork will be required.

Revised 05-08-2024