Dr. Rice’s Mystery Photo: September 2020

From the September 2020 Newsletter:


This photo is from the autopsy of a 1-year-old, male intact, domestic short-haired cat with a history of progressing weakness, diarrhea, and mental dullness. No history of vaccination.












Answer (and bonus image):

Small intestine: Parvoviral enteritis

Grossly, the serosal surface of the jejunum was segmentally and finely roughened (lymphedema). Extending the length of both the small and large intestine was a moderate amount of a fetid, pink-tan, mucoid feces with segmental roughening of the jejunal mucosal surface (necrotizing enteritis). The Peyer’s patches along the length of the duodenum and jejunum were depressed (Peyer’s patch necrosis). In the lumen of the duodenum were at least six 4 cm long, tan, thin adult nematodes (Toxocara cati; feline roundworm). Panleukopenia was confirmed by PCR.

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