Dr. Rice’s Mystery Photo- June 2020

From the June 2020 Newsletter:

Dr. Laura Rice, the VDL’s newest pathologist, takes amazing photographs on the autopsy floor. We thought we would highlight one image per issue of some of the interesting cases she has seen since she started. The photo is from the gross examination of a 3-month-old male Boer goat that was found dead with no prior clinical signs.

Heart: Ventricular septal defect

Postmortem findings revealed severe bronchopneumonia in the kid. Both Bibersteinia trehalosi and Mannheimia haemolytica were isolated on aerobic culture. There were also lesions associated with congestive heart failure – tricavitary effusion, pulmonary edema, and chronic passive congestion of the liver – which were likely due to the ventricular septal defect.

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