Changes to Mycotoxin testing

The Mycotoxin screen previously offered by the NDSU-VDL has been expanded to include Fumonisin B3, DAS, 15-ADON, and 3-ADON. The price of this screen has increased accordingly to $175.

We are excited to announce that we are also now offering a Storage and Emerging Mycotoxin Screen. This screen is for corn, grain, silage, forage, hay and DDG.  Mycotoxins tested Alternariol, Alternariol Monomethyl Ether, Tenuazonic Acid, Cyclopiazonic Acid, Mycophenolic Acid, Penicillic Acid, Rugulosin, Roquefortine C, Penitrem A, Citrinin, Satratoxin G and H, Gliotoxin, Roridin E, Verruculogen, Beauvericin, Enniatins (A, A1, B, B1).

The DON (Vomitoxin) panel previously offered is now only available by special request to the laboratory on select sample types in numbers greater than 10 samples.

Check out the test pages or contact the laboratory with any questions!