2019 Companion Animal Antibiograms

Antibiograms are cumulative antimicrobial susceptibility test (AST) reports of select bacterial isolates intended to show resistance trends over time. They are useful in monitoring antimicrobial resistance in a population over time and help clinicians choose empiric therapy until an AST report is available from the laboratory for a particular isolate.

This report was assembled using laboratory data from selected animal species and sample sources with at least 30 different AST reports of a bacterial isolate. Most isolates originated from samples submitted from animals in North Dakota and Minnesota. Duplicate samples were eliminated by only including the first submission of a sample in the antibiogram report, if a specimen from the same animal was submitted multiple times.

Antibiograms do not represent isolates from all patient populations and may vary greatly by geographic region or species. Antibiograms are intended for use in conjunction with traditional culture and sensitivity testing; samples must still be sent to the laboratory for testing. To obtain reliable results samples should always be collected prior to administering antimicrobial therapy.

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