North Dakota Vetrinary Diagnostic Lab

New Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Facility Due to Open Fall 2017

Construction of a new veterinary diagnostic laboratory facility located at 4035 19th Avenue North is currently underway. The new facility funded during the 2015 legislative session provides greatly needed additional laboratory and office space to house the full service, AAVLD accredited laboratory. The additional space and updated features of the new facility will enable the VDL to operate more efficiently and expand its services.

The VDL will move from its current facility in Van Es Hall this fall.

Facility Progress Photos 9/01/2017:

Facility Progress Photos 7/12/17: Views of laboratory work spaces, necropsy cooler, technologist work stations and faculty offices.

Img 1300

Facility Progress Photos 6/30/17: Views of the accessioning area, where samples received by the laboratory will be labeled and organized before being sent to the appropriate laboratory sections.

Facility Progress Photos 6/21/17:

Facility Progress Photos 5/1/2017:

Facility Progress Photos 4/24/2017:

Facility Progress Photos 4/10/2017:

Facility Progress Photos 3/5/2017:

Img 1040Img 1038Img 1039Img 1037