North Dakota Vetrinary Diagnostic Lab

Influenza Virus Identified in ND Pigs

Samples from four pigs with clinical signs of respiratory disease were submitted to the NDSU Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. Three of the four samples tested positive for swine influenza virus. Subsequent subtyping confirmed the presence of H3N2 influenza virus. Further analysis of the virus is currently underway at the National Veterinary Services Laboratory. No related human cases have been confirmed to date. For additional information see press release.  

Samples from suspect cases can be submitted to the NDSU Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory for testing. Nasal swabs are the specimen of choice for SIV testing. The swabs should have synthetic tips with plastic or aluminum shafts and be placed in viral transport media or saline. Use of bacteria transport media and cotton swabs with wood shafts are not recommended.  Please contact the laboratory at (701) 231-8307 with any questions related to testing.