North Dakota Vetrinary Diagnostic Lab

Johne’s Fecal Submission Tips

Many of you have begun to submit samples for Johne's testing and we've had a lot of great submissions so far. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated! As the Johne's testing season has just begun, we'd like to take the time to share tips and guidelines for the best sample submissions. Good test results start at collection, so please take the time to review our tips and newly updated collection guide.

  • Always complete the online Sample ID form and email it to the laboratory prior to sending your samples. This helps us prepare for your case, particularly if you're submitting a large number of samples. Please include a printed copy with your samples along with the Herd Serology/PCR submission form.
  • Clearly label the primary sample container with permanent marker; include both the sample number and specimen ID. Failure to include the sample number on large cases may incur an additional $50 fee as it significantly increases the amount of time spent pre-processing the specimens.
  • Always collect a minimum of about 1 teaspoon of sample, particularly when pooling samples to ensure sufficient sample is available.
  • Submit samples in clean, dry rectal sleeves. The sleeve should be knotted twice to contain fecal material and prevent leaking from the end of the sleeve. Other acceptable submission containers include any wide-mouth screw cap plastic jars/tubes and small Ziploc bags. DO NOT submit blood tubes, Whirl-Paks, or exam gloves. Submitting an acceptable container type helps to expedite the sample processing steps and is greatly appreciated!
  • Please contact the laboratory with any questions.

Examples of properly labeled primary specimen containers.

For more submission guidelines, please see our downloadable guide.