North Dakota Vetrinary Diagnostic Lab


The Serology laboratory is responsible for testing serum samples either individually or in groups for a wide variety of antibodies against infectious diseases.

In addition to disease diagnosis, serologic tests may be utilized for maintaining herd disease free status, obtaining interstate/international animal movement permits, show/sale requirements, assessing vaccination efficacy and monitoring response to treatment.

The Serology laboratory utilizes validated tests (agglutination, competitive ELISA/ELISA), for detecting antibodies to a wide variety of disease agents including Brucella abortus/suis/ovis, Anaplasma, bluetongue virus, equine infectious anemia virus, bovine leukosis virus, Mycobacterium paratuberculosis, and Leptospira sp.. Ongoing quality assurance is confirmed by successful completion of yearly proficiency testing administered by the National Animal Health Laboratory Network (NAHLN).