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Regulatory Requirment Update

Update: June 6, 2011

Anaplasma PCR Testing Update.
NDVDL is now running Anaplasma PCR testing on EDTA blood samples. The cost is $35.00 per sample (add $7.00 case accession fee). The test is set up on Wednesdays and Fridays with same-day turn around.

March 31, 2011

NDVDL Recommendation on Anaplasma Testing of Breeding Cattle Imported from the United States into Canada
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has ammended their Anaplasma testing requirements for breeding cattle imported from the United States into Canada.

Requirement AHPD-DSAE-IE-2007-4-4 Section C, Part 1 now states:
Breeding cattle imported into Canada require a negative test for anaplasmosis performed within 30 days of import. The test for anaplasmosis must be by cELISA methodology and conducted in a USDA federal laboratory or a USDA approved laboratory. The result of anaplasmosis testing must be shown on the required health certificate for the animal to be imported.

Anaplasmosis cELISA positive animals in a group of animals under test for export require a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test conducted as follow-up before any animals are exported. If the PCR test is negative, then the remaining cELISA negative animals may proceed for export, however a cELISA positive, PCR-negative animal is still not eligible for export. If a cELISA positive animal is also PCR positive, then the animal must be removed from the group. The remaining cELISA negative animals must be isolated and re-tested at least 35 days after removal of a PCR positive animal. If all animals still in the group remain cELISA negative, then they may be exported.

Therefore, NDVDL recommends that animals being sampled for import into Canada have both a serum sample and whole blood sample (EDTA) drawn at the same time. Both samples should be submitted to the lab with a request that, if the c-ELISA test is positive, then a PCR test be performed. Doing so would expediate testing time by eliminating the need to redraw animals and would aid exporters meet the 30 day window.

See Canadian Food Inspection Agency Requirement AHPD-DSAE-IE-2007-4-4

Please contact the laboratory if you have any questions (701-231-8307).

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